Transmission Congestion Rights In Pasadena, TX

by admin on May 24, 2010

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Congestion charges are the imbursement imposed on the QSEs (qualified scheduling entities) whose flow of energy across a CSC (commercially significant constraint) are higher than the predefined CSC perimeter. Energy congestion affects adversely on the Pasadena, TX electric rates.

A transmission congestion right caters to the energy consumers as a financial quibble against inter-zonal energy congestion expenses. The transmission right holder has the authority to get payment at the existing price of energy for every TCR seized for the CSC path being controlled at the time of the constriction. The holder is remunerated by the electric companies for the congestion value of that commercially significant constraint.

How To Register For A TCR Program

Any qualified entity can register for the Transmission Congestion Right. All you have to do is to go to your Pasadena, TX electric providers and fill up the application form of the TCR. You can also get the application form on the website of TCR. After the approval, the electric company forwards an agreement of the TCR account for implementation.

Often the electric company arranges the auctions for TCRs for each Commercial Significant Constraint on a monthly and yearly basis. After investigating the bids, the electric company posts the results on the website of TCR once the auction ends.

The congestion problems have amplified in recent years, because of many reasons. In accordance with the NERC, the initiation of free access transmission and viable bulk energy companies are introducing new transactions and participants into the power markets, resulting in power movement in unexpected directions and unmatched amounts.

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