Wind Power in Corpus Christi, TX

by admin on May 24, 2010

Though the wind power is utilized in a very small segment of Texas but the people are now more and more aware of it and the energy saving use of wind energy is growing fast. The other reasons for the increased use of the wind power in Texas are the high speed winds, tax incentives on wind power usage and the improved wind technology. Wind power lessens electric rates to a great extent.

Public Utility Commission together with Corpus Christi, TX electric companies has planned new transmission lines for use of wind power and it will probably attain greater heights in near future. It is one of the fastest growing sources of energy. It is a copious extensively circulated energy resource and the most interesting fact about it is that it has zero emissions, zero fuel costs and no use of water.

However, Corpus Christi, TX electric providers face a few glitches with the wind power:

  • The extra wind power can’t be stored.
  • The placement of the wind turbines is very problematic due to the noise and its appearance.
  • The variable tendency of wind is unpredictable.
  • Transmission of the wind energy is also difficult as all the energy generating sites are far flung and away from the urban areas.

The Texas government and electric companies in Corpus Christi offer beneficial tax incentives for the wind energy producers, for example tax credits, allowances, tax deductions and exemptions. Furthermore, Texas government allows the use of government possessed lands for wind energy producers.


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